5 lists of 10’s

So I am still very much in love with lists 😛 and I decided to make some more.

  • Worst feelings:
  1. Being ignored
  2. Realizing you hurt someone you love
  3. Getting a crappy grade on a paper you worked hard on
  4. Being told off
  5. Hearing a nasty rumour about yourself
  6. Hearing a nasty rumour about someone you respect
  7. Being stood up
  8. Saying goodbye to loved ones
  9. Losing something valuable
  10. Regrets
  • Best feelings:
  1. Long hot showers
  2. Wearing a new outfit
  3. Making a baby laugh
  4. Sleeping in
  5. Long hugs
  6. Making friends with someone as crazy as you
  7. Getting a great grade on a paper you worked hard on
  8. Being happy for no reason
  9. Laughing with special people
  10.  Finding a comforting bible verse when you’re down
  • Things I am grateful for:
  1. My living God, and all the grace he shows me
  2. My AWESOME family
  3. Great and understanding friends
  4. The lovely neighbourhood we live in
  5. The opportunity to go to university (and be enrolled in a program I am passionate about)
  6. Song writers that can write what I can’t
  7. The mistakes I have made that somehow brought me closer to God
  8. My warm and comfy throw
  9. The veranda at home that always has a great view and cool breeze
  10. That I am alive, healthy and happy
  • The list of little things…
  1. Cute little buttons
  2. Babies’ fingernails
  3. Cool side of the pillow
  4. Bein barefoot
  5. Waking up to the sight of a sunrise
  6. Headbands
  7. Holding hands
  8. Italics in a book
  9. Rainbows
  10. Full moons
  • Places I would like to visit:
  1. Miami
  2. Victoria Falls
  3. Likoma Island
  4. The Great Wall of China
  5. Canada
  6. The Grand Canyon
  7. Bora Bora
  8. Preacher ’s Rock, Norway
  9. Switzerland
  10. Maui, Hawaii

My other list: http://veshfbaby.tumblr.com/post/97252692279/i-love-lists

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