Letter to my future daughter.

5 March, 2015

It is kind of a funny story, but do you know that I named you when I was in my first year of college? When I pronounced your name, I knew it was right… I love you, and you are my happiness. You were worth the wait.

Daughter, always remember that life isn’t fair and mummy learnt that the world has so much injustice: learn to find peace amidst the strife and heartache earth will throw your way; you will be fine. Mummy always wanted to change things in her country, and she had big dreams for her Malawi. She loooves Malawi. You will, too. You will fall in love with it’s hills and rivers, it’s peoples’ bright smiles and laughter; it’s curved roads and sunrises; and the view from Zomba Plateau will forever take your breath away.

Always remember that I have your best interest at heart; when I say no to a certain genre of music, or I tell you not to go out in the dark and you start to feel like I hate you, remember that I am simply protecting you. I love you and I want no harm done to you. You are beautiful. You are art, you are precious, and your teenage years will be the years the devil wants to ruin you, my beautiful flower. But you will get through it. And when you feel like you have slipped up, come back to me, and I promise, I will have my arms out, and you can cry there and tell me you want to start over. We will work through it together. I am your home.

There were days before I met your daddy when I yearned for him. I felt like he was just a dream; but I held on, because I knew God’s timing was the best and he would surely show up. I prayed for him way before I knew we would be together, and it helped. When I missed him, those prayers would give me comfort. I went through valleys before I met daddy, and I wondered if anyone would love the mess I was. But daddy showed up, and he was worth the wait, just like you. He gave meaning to the word love, and made all the pain go away. He couldn’t wait to meet you too, and we talked about you, a lot! His little girl. His precious princess. Our irreplaceable angel.

It is okay to love being alone; learn to fall in love with you before a boy comes and tries to define happiness for you. Always remember that you don’t need make-up to look beautiful; and shun away from anyone who tells you otherwise. Treat your body like a temple; it is, after all, Gods dwelling place. Stand up for what you believe in, even if everyone is against you. Don’t get lost in crowds. Stand out. Always tell God your fears, hopes, dreams and thoughts; he hears every single word and he doesn’t reject a prayer. There is comfort in him and his word.

Visit grandma whenever you can, she raised me right, and she is the sweetest woman I know. Visit your village and know where granddad comes from, he provided for me and his words of wisdom guided me, his sense of humour kept me sane. Know your roots, baby, and be proud of your skin. Don’t let anyone tell you one skin color is superior to the other; shun away from anyone who feeds you such ideologies. Remember to sing, even if you think you have a terrible voice. I love music and it helped me through my lows. It will help you too. If you have a passion for a certain musical instrument, I urge you to go for it. Pour your heart into it, but never force a gift. Music is better expressed when it is driven by passion.

Dear daughter, above all, remember to have a humble and grateful heart. I will raise you the best way I know how, but I won’t always be with you. It’s okay to miss home. It’s okay to feel sad and it’s also okay to be happy for no reason. It’s okay. You are human, not a robot. It’s okay to feel.

Mummy loves you. You were worth the wait… And you ARE worth the wait. You are a masterpiece, my dear, don’t let anyone make you feel different.

All my love,


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