Chiffon Blouses and Black

Yay to my second post on modest style dressing! This was my first time outside after about two weeks, so I was very excited, though I only managed to put this outfit together last minute.


Blouse: Thrifted at Bwandilo in Lilongwe


Skirt: Tailor-made.

I bought the material at Fabric Centre in Limbe. The shop stocks a whole lot of beautiful material and there’s a shop assistant in there that really knows his stuff and gives great advice.

I originally wanted this to be a long skater skirt, but I found out the material I bought wasn’t enough, so the tailor settled for this (which was ok, I grew to love it).

Shoes: Some shop at the Karim Ayub Mart at Ginnery corner in Blantyre (I can’t believe I forgot the name of the shop).

So many great shoes in these shops. If you’re a flat shoes lover like me, totally check these shops. They are usually on sale too.

Bag: Gift from my sister Honest 😛

If you haven’t noticed, I looove wearing black. I usually just add a bit of colour so I don’t look like death lol, like the pink blouse in this case. Black is easy to ‘match’ and makes life so much easier. 


I think that’s enough talk. Till next time I’m dragged out of bed into the outside world, take care 🙂 x

P/S: You can check my post on thrift shopping here.


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