Wedding Guest: African Print

So, yesterday my mum just sprung news that we have to attend a wedding that we got invited to, and that she forgot to tell us earlier. I literally had very few minutes to get ready but thank God I had this dress I had made some time back, that I thought was perfect for the occasion. I almost forgot to take pictures for the blog-I’m still a rookie at modest blogging hey, but anyway, here we are!

I bought this cloth from a friend at a very great price and had the tailor do his magic.

Little tip: when it comes to tailor made clothes, google as much as you can! You can have the neck from one picture, the sleeves from another picture, etc- till you get what you really want. Get inspired and steal styles as much as you can (heck, you can even start stealing from this one lol!). And when you do, be sure to show the tailor what it is exactly you’re expecting from them, instead of just explaining and expecting them to imagine what you’re going for. I feel like seeing an actual picture is better. And for me, I show him a gazillion pictures so he understands, and the results are always what I was dreaming of.

FYI: I love pockets so much!

Another little secret with long dresses like these, if you want a ball gown look, don’t forget to put a net inside for that ‘poofy’ look.

Headband: handmade gift from my little sister

I’m so in love with flower headbands though. How cute are they?


Clutch bag: graduation gift from the family. Shoes: Pep (Team Flat Shoes, where you at?)


Belt: thrifted

As you can see, I chose a cloth that had many colours so it wouldn’t give me a headache (colour is so important, read my previous post about colour here) and I love that African prints have all these lovely colours and patterns. I could go on and on about my love for African print, but I don’t want to bore you (not today at least).

Get searching for African Print/Ankara/modest dress designs- Pinterest and Instagram have plenty of styles-you’ll have plenty to choose from!

Happy falling-in-love-with-African-Print!


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