All things bright and beautiful

Colour. Nothing I love more on an outfit than colour.

This blog post combines my post on colour and that on African print .

The weather forecast made me feel so down because there was a good chance it would be cloudy and it would rain ? so I decided a bright outfit might cheer me up.

Skirt: tailor made

The material for this skirt was purchased at a very common and unexpected place. It was one of those shops in the market (Zomba Market) where I pass through every other day, but the colours got my attention. It was a very very very cheap piece of cloth (so cheap it got me wondering if it was too good to be true). I’ve learnt that you don’t necessarily need expensive material to get a great outfit. Once you get it tailored tho, make sure you take really good care of it.

I love pockets!!!

I absolutely loooove pockets (saying this for the gazillionth time lol) almost all my tailor made clothes have pockets. Where else will I keep the mobile phone I move around with everywhere?

Masai sandals: I got these in Lilongwe while doing field work. It was a shop in Likuni, at a location called C-COD.

Black three quarter top: thrifted

Well the weather turned out better than we expected. It didn’t rain, but it was a bit cloudy. We still managed to have a bright day though. We are going into the rainy season, so this is good bye summer till next year *holds back tears*  I hope I can continue blogging even through the wet season.

Have a happy new season wherever you are! Till next time, xo

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  1. Hi victoria, reading this post made me think about no matter how much we think we are unworthy and cheap God still purchased us with a great price and like a tailor, he knows how to shape and make us to bring out the best of us. Thanks a lot for the post. Lord bless you

  2. Hie Faith, i have been reading your posts over and over, again and again. So inspiring. You are indeed a great writer. Its so beautiful. God bles you

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