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Happy 2018!!!

I finally got round to doing a check-up after I was diagnosed with pneumonia 3 months ago. This involved half of my right lung heavily infected which may have begun while I was doing a survey in Lilongwe. The x-ray shows that both of my lungs are functioning well again. I am completely healed!!! What a great way to start the year! I’m so happy!!

My friend, Angasa, came over to my (gorgeous) city. We had a great chat and took a walk at the botanical gardens. Thank God she has an awesome camera and she took some really great shots. So here’s my outfit for the day:

Top: thrifted

I’ve had this top for so long, but I remember buying it from Mponda Bwino market ages ago. I hardly gain or lose weight, so if I take good care of a piece of cloth, I can have it for years and years till I actually just get tired of it. But black tops are my personal favourite. They are so handy.

Skirt: tailor-made

The skirt was originally a dress but I didn’t like the design, so I had it changed into a high-waist skirt.

Shoes: Pep (Estrela)

This is probably my most worn shoe at the moment, with no shame ?.

I’m still happy that I managed to beat pneumonia which almost claimed my life (more about that later). I’m so grateful for His love and the full recovery I have received!

I hope 2018 is a great year, free from illnesses and hospital visits. I look forward to more modesty posts and a lot more testimonies.



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