On “thoughts and prayers”

I think if there’s something modern man has found so easy to do, is to type “thoughts and prayers” and hit “send”. “Thoughts and prayers” to console a friend who’s loved one has gone on. “Thoughts and prayers” to a sick friend. “Thoughts and prayers” when disaster strikes a certain country. Thoughts and prayers are very good things, don’t get me wrong, but where is the actual love? Like, if your friend told you they will be going to bed hungry that day, I’m sure some of y’all would stand afar and go, “yoooo, that’s rough!! Thoughts and prayers, my guy” and go on your way, maybe even munching on some food as you match off. Like your friend akhuta mau anuwo (will feed on your words). Why? Because the phrase “thoughts and prayers” is so easy to say/type.

You know what? Next time, actually visit your friend and console them. Actually check on them. Help someone in need. Maybe visit and care for your sick friend. You don’t even need to carry gifts and flowers; your presence will matter to them especially if you go there to cheer them up and make them forget about their present state (trust me, I’ve been a patient too many times, it does wonders). Our “thoughts and prayers” don’t mean jack when there’s something we can actually do.

While you’re at it, next time while blessing your food, instead of just saying “apatseni akuchisowa chakudyachi” (“give to those who are lacking food“), if you are able, actually go to the streets and feed the hungry. Every little counts. Thoughts and prayers are good, but not good enough if you can actually do something about it. The saying “action speaks louder than words” is REAL.

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