Tailored to Perfection

1 (of clothes) made by a tailor for a particular customer.
2 made or adapted for a particular purpose or person.

The other day, I went to the Bend-Down Boutique kozipepesa for some retail therapy, and as I was about to finish kusankha my shopping, I noticed skirt yapa hang’ala sold on hangers and it caught my eye. I bought it for a price I’m even ashamed of admitting here because of just how cheap it was.

When I got home, I did the usual modelling the purchased items in front of the mirror (admit it, you do it too!) and I noticed that the hanger skirt had a bigger waist than I expected. I wanted this to be a high waist skirt, so I put it aside, and decided it needed kubwenzetsa kwa atelala adjusting at the tailor’s.

The day I went to the tailor, I wanted it done ASAP, so I sat down opposite him as he adjusted it. I had never given my clothes to this tailor before, so I didn’t have much confidence in him. I made the mistake of looking at him go through the whole process, and you won’t believe how much cutting he was doing on my beloved skirt! I watched him cut more and more pieces; and to make it worse, he had that look on his face like he didn’t know what he was doing. To raise my pressure, he even said, “eish, koma ntchitoyi ndi yambiri, ndakutchajani zochepatu.” “this skirt is harder than I expected. I should have charged you more.”

Charge more for the why? This guy was ruining my skirt!!! The skirt looked like rags, the elastic band hanging in his hands, threads everywhere. I knew when I would try it, it would be too tight because of the many times he kept cutting the elastic band. I couldn’t watch anymore. I rose up, muttered something about coming back in a few minutes and went somewhere else before I witnessed the disaster unfold before my very eyes.

After some time, I came back and he was done. I went inside the shop and tried the skirt. I couldn’t believe it! The skirt was PERFECT!

It wasn’t too tight, didn’t even show any signs of being under the needle and it felt brand new! Just my size!

Top and jacket: thrifted.

That little experience humbled me. It taught me something that I usually do, which is PANIC before I see the end result. It’s been the same way in my spiritual life. I panic before I see the results of the work the Creator is doing in me and in my life. A lot of times, I look at what a mess my life seems to be, how disorganised it looks and how nothing makes sense. Sometimes, it feels like all God is doing is CUTTING too much… I find it hard to TRUST that God knows EXACTLY what He is doing.

I believe the work He is doing in us is great. At the end of the day, no matter how many fiery trials we will go through, we will come out BEAUTIFUL, PERFECT and EXACTLY as He planned, for the purpose He has chosen us for. The little rags that your life seems to be at present – He will mend and you will be AMAZED with the result.

Take your burdens to the best tailor there is, and watch how beautiful He will make your life. You just need to trust Him. There is no such thing as ‘too much work’ with Him, and even better, it’s totally FREE! I’m speaking this to you, and to me as well: everything is going to be FINE. Breathe.

Handbag: got it from one of the shops behind the Zomba Airtel shop, near Shoprite

Remember to let go and let God 🙂 xx

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