Kachere Kastle

If there’s an area that’s dear to my heart, it’s Northern Malawi. Nkhata-Bay was my home for a good four years because it’s where I went for boarding school, and I have always felt there’s a lot of hidden gems I am yet to visit in the North.

On our way back home from my sister’s graduation in Mzuzu, I convinced my siblings to help me beg dad to let us to go a place I had only seen on Instagram once. I saw one picture of it, but I remembered the name: Kachere Kastle. I saw the sign on our way to Mzuzu, so I thought it would be nice to check it out. It’s 10 km between both Kande Beach and Tukombo (my secondary school!) on the M5 Highway, South of Nkhata Bay.

Dad obviously said no, time was not on our side. He came up with many other excuses but my siblings and I had our convincing hats on. Soon, we had turned to the left through the Lakeshore road, and were making our way to Kachere Kastle. It took a while to actually reach the gate, and the whole time, dad was talking about how we were going to be late, that we may have taken a wrong turn, till finally we saw this view, and we all fell silent. Our jaws dropped. We were in awe.

The manager came to greet us and agreed to take us on a quick tour around the place. He said, “this castle took seven years to be completed. It wasn’t rushed – we wanted a masterpiece.” And a masterpiece it is!

I decided the entrance was one of my favourite features of the castle. And that was before I even got to see what they really did to the place.


We went to the swimming pool, and I have honestly seen very few pools that were thoughtfully placed. The pool overlooks the beach.

Sooo dreamy!

The beach

He then took us up the castle, and my goodness, I felt like I was in a fairy tale! OK, I’ll let the pictures do the talking…

I couldn’t believe it, an actual castle in Malawi!!

The rooms are to die for! I didn’t take a lot of pictures of the rooms but you can find them on their website.

My brother photobombing the awesome under-the-stars bed. Y’all, you can even sleep under the stars here! (Future hubby, wink wink lol)

On our way back, dad couldn’t stop talking about the place. He loved everything about it. He kept saying, “this was worth the detour. We should definitely come again.” Of course we didn’t say “we told you so” (aloud).

If you would like to know more about the castle, you can visit their website where they have details on prices, and activities et cetera. This is their Instagram so you can look through their awesome pictures, and their Facebook page which, kudos, they update regularly.

Thank you to Davie, the manager, for the fun tour and warm hospitality. The great background to how the castle came to be also definitely made us appreciate the castle more.

Had to frame this one! Classic mum and dad!

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