My path as a Message Believer

I’ve thought about writing on this topic for a while – actually, years – and I’ve fought it for so long. This is because this is something very personal and I worried that some people may misunderstand me or call me a fanatic… ongozitengela or okokomeza. But I am finally writing about this simply because I can no longer silence the voice that keeps telling me to write about it, especially this past week. I hope that somehow, this will be a blessing to your heart and hopefully leave your heart burning.

Let me start from the beginning. I have always known that I was born privileged. This is mostly because I was not just born in a Christian home, but to a Message Believing home. My parents even married in the message, and I grew up learning about Malachi 4: 5 – the prophet sent to this Laodicean Church Age. I went to Sunday School like every other “Bring-Them-In” child. I memorised William Branham’s birth story and cried every time I heard how Sister Hope and Sharon-Rose passed. My 3 sisters and I grew up keeping natural hair, wearing floor-sweeping skirts and dresses, and singing Christian music. I got baptised when I was 13 and I did so not because I was following what some friends did, but by my own conviction.

However, along the way, the devil convinced me that the story of my salvation was not enough, simply because I had never really experienced “worldly” life. I didn’t quit church or went running around; but what happened was that I became a lukewarm Christian. One of the things involved listening to worldly music, sometimes right after service! You can read this post I wrote some years back on how I quit secular music (update: I have never gone back to secular music, praise the Lord!).

To cut the long story short, along the way in my late teens and early twenties, I became very ill regularly. I got so ill that I knew that I could die any moment. I often blacked out and sometimes got admitted in hospital for a while. This made me think long and hard about my eternal destiny. There’s this quote that I think perfectly describes my experience.

“Sometimes God lets the very props be knocked from under us. Sometimes He lets sickness strike us. He lets disappointments, heartaches strike us. Sometimes He does that to get you where you’d be influenced by the Gospel. Be wise enough to catch It. Don’t be stupid enough to walk away from It. Uh-huh.” – 62-1013 – The Influence of Another, Rev. William Marrion Branham.

By the grace of God (and it brings me to tears to think of how good God has been to me) I made my life right and decided to rededicate my life to living the Word of the hour preached through Brother Branham. It was a hard road coming back, but I’m glad He picked me up before I went deep into the world. I’m also grateful that I have friends who have been of tremendous help in getting my Christian life back on track. For some years now, I have seen how I have inched closer to Christ. His Word keeps changing me, and making me into His image as I continue feeding on His Word.

Last month, I hit a new low. My body begun to fail me once again, and I suffered heavily. It all started very simply, and those around me thought it was gonna be over soon, like it’s been in the past. But this time, it was the worst. I was in so much pain that the strongest painkillers we knew were not working anymore. The doctors didn’t know what to do or what to make of the situation. We came back home from the hospital feeling helpless and hopeless. The nights became very long, and sleeping was a privilege. I lay in bed for weeks, crying out for healing.

When I thought that I had reached the pinnacle, I started to pray and beg God to let me die. It felt like the only way to escape the pain. I no longer cared about work, or even my personal projects which are so dear to me. I told mum and my two friends, Phaless and Martha, that I was tired of the constant illnesses. I said I wanted to go. I was no longer afraid of dying like I used to be when I was still a lukewarm Christian. It was something I looked forward to because I had heard through the prophet how indescribably beautiful and peaceful the other dimension is. Of course they encouraged me, and told me not to think of death. But when they left the room, I still thought it was the only way out of my misery. But God didn’t answer that prayer and I finally realised my time hadn’t come yet. I still had work to do, I just didn’t know what it was yet.

My health was getting worse. I was tired of all the medication I was taking and I decided enough was enough. God had promised to heal ALL my diseases, why should I let this get in the way of my healing? So in the middle of another gruesome night, I selected a message called “A Time of Decision.” I had downloaded the sermon some time back, but I hadn’t gotten round to listening to it yet. Before I listened to it, I prayed that the prophet may pray for me, and specifically for my illness. However, I didn’t know whether there would be a prayer line or not. By the grace of God, there was a prayer line after the preaching and He specifically mentioned my illness! I was rejoicing in the middle of the night, so happy that I had received my healing. I didn’t get up the next morning completely healthy… it took some days before I could even walk, but I still held on, believing God had healed me.

While I was ill, I managed to watch some videos that had been sitting in my laptop for some time. I listened to the testimony of Brother Billy Paul Branham, and Brother Ed Byskal. One thing I realised is what a great messenger I have had the privilege of knowing and receiving. This truly was no ordinary man. But I felt a great sense of shame that I hardly testify the Word to others. Not that I am ashamed of this message, but I just haven’t testified enough, and I have no excuse! This was not just another preacher –  this was a prophet… no wait, THE Prophet; why wasn’t I spreading the good news? Why was I not on fire? That day, I decided that things had to change. I realised that there was a lot more work I had to do that God was showing me during this illness.

So, to my born-in-the-Message friends: first, let me tell you a lie the devil will tell you. He will tell you that you need to go out there and ‘enjoy’ before you really give your life to God. Two things… 1, you may go out there and never ever come back… 2, you may eventually come back, but guaranteed, there will be scars, and your way back will be very hard (In Brother Billy Paul’s testimonies, he says time and time again: the way of a transgressor is hard). You are safe right there under mum and dad’s message. That is the best thing you can ever have in your life! There is nothing you are missing out there, no matter how colourful a picture the devil might try to paint.

Another thing you must always remember is that God has no grandchildren. It doesn’t matter how much of a Christian your parents are, YOU must know and receive God personally. We have the entire message in our phones and laptops, we will have NO excuse on that day. We must take time on our own to feed from the message and pray earnestly. And no matter what you do, make receiving the Holy Ghost your priority. I kid you not, a lot of things people struggle with are much easier when being led by the Holy Spirit. Often, you don’t even DO the cleaning up yourself – that’s the Purifier’s job! As time passes by, you will look back and see how much progress you will make, all by His grace.

I know that we are eaglets and eagles, destined for the great skies. It’s so easy to look down upon people who don’t believe this message and ‘throw stones at the chicken yard’. It’s easy to label who will go to hell by our standards. But let God be the judge. Also, what have you done to bring some lost souls in? Have you contributed to the efforts? Sometimes it doesn’t even have to be physically going out into the streets – sometimes it’s supporting financially and/or through your prayers. This is good news! We have heard the countless testimonies of the mighty works He did through Brother Branham. We have heard how he revealed the Son of God and the restoration message and oh what a blessed people we are, but don’t we think it’s time more people heard of this message?

I just want to end this post but saying I am not a perfect person myself, and I don’t deem myself better or holier than anyone. I have my many flaws that I believe God is still working on and I’d just like to say the only thing I ever cling onto to, is that Blood He shed for me. I know without it, I am doomed. I want to thank you for managing to read this long post to the end. I hope that somehow, this has been a blessing to you, and that you will join me in the efforts to spread the good news. I hope your heart burns to listen to the sermons He left us, and that you will NEVER EVER let this message become common to you.

May God richly bless you.

Sister Faith

But let everyone hear, here and on the tape, or wherever it may go. Don’t never go towards that regions of the lost. You can’t picture hell being that bad. And whatever you do, don’t you never get any…forget this, that the regions of the blessed…I would say this, with Saint Paul, “Eye has not seen, ear has not heard, or either could it enter the heart of man, what God has for them in store that love Him.” So stop, if you’re listening at the tape, turn the machine off, and repent if you’re not saved, and get right with God. 63-1110M – Souls That Are In Prison Now, Rev. William Marrion Branham

-What about you? How many souls you won since you’ve been in Christ? Christianity just goes from one to another. How many souls you won since you been a Christian? If you’re not winning souls, you are guilty, you are barren, you have brought shame on the Church and the Gospel. How many people you get out for Wednesday night prayer meeting? If you’re not doing it, you ought to be ashamed of yourself before Christ. You’re guilty, and your place is at the altar. I invite you to come with me, for repentance. [Brother Branham pauses—Ed.]  56-1125E – A Blushing Prophet. Rev. William Marrion Branham


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  1. God bless you sister Faith for the courage to share. This is touching and some soul will be touched by this I know. May God bless your way.

  2. Indeed we need to be fruitful and spread the word about what we have believed to the other people. We need to call more to the kingdom of God every chance we get.
    Thanks sister Faith for sharing your story

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