Withered Roses

So the past week has been another tough week for me. I was ill and didn’t leave the house for a couple of days (come to think of it, all my recent posts have been about sickness. I promise my life is much more than the illnesses that attack me *smiles shyly*).

Anyway. I went outside one day and decided to smell the roses. That little act alone made me so grateful for the strength to experience the beauty of nature. Like a true millennial, I started to take pictures on my phone.


Here’s another in full bloom:

Then I started to notice that most of the roses in the garden were withered. They didn’t look as perfect as the ones that media glorifies. They were bruised, they looked frail and some had fallen petals carpeted beneath them.

I had just watched a Ted talk about a brave lady who survived domestic abuse and the words she said during that talk came back to me (I’m paraphrasing here): We are imperfect. We are meant to have flaws. THAT is what makes us unapologetically human. But having flaws doesn’t mean we don’t deserve respect.”

So ladies and gentlemen, here is me respecting some roses by providing you with images of roses from our back garden freely (might start a business off of this, who knows. I started putting watermarks on them but got tired after three images). Change that wallpaper you’ve had for the past hundred years. Use them in your projects… anything. Or just admire their beauty, that’s cool too.









My personal favorite


I think I’m ready to launch my career as a photographer now. Just waiting for a kind soul to gift me with a camera :D.

If you have any interesting thoughts, lessons, etc you have learnt from these roses, let me know! (Doesn’t even have to be interesting, worry not). I’d like to hear from you! X

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