Life Currently (July, 2019)

Hello loves!
It’s been over a month since I had a new blog post. Please be assured, it’s been a tough month of nagging myself to write, while fighting the urge to put up a meaningless post, just for the sake of it. But I decided to update y’all on my life currently so some things are clear. Hopefully this isn’t a meaningless post too *giggles nervously*

First off, I celebrated my 26th birthday last month. It was one of the rare times I actually looked forward to closing a chapter in my life. I was so done with 25 lol. My friends and family spoiled me rotten! I went to my favourite spot in Zomba and ate like a pig (shout out to Martha and Phaless). Also, I’ve been on a diet, and I’ve managed to gain over 8kgs in 2 months! So yes guys, I’m getting fat. Don’t tip toe around it, congratulate me instead because your girl’s worked really hard for this (sleeping 8hours+ and eating over 6 meals a day isn’t easy please ๐Ÿ˜ญ). I am receiving congratulatory gifts too; preferably in the form of new clothes and/or food๐Ÿ˜.

May and June have been difficult months for me, though. I started to have doubts over a lot of things, like the direction of my life and how slow my life seemed to be going. One of those things was this website. I seriously considered shutting it down. I was feeling guilty because I haven’t been inspired enough to update it the way I usually did in the past.ย I started to feel that it had served its purpose and needed to go. But as I thought on these things, I started receiving messages from people in countries I never imagined, telling me how much they’ve enjoyed reading posts on the site. I finally decided I wouldn’t shut it down. So, thank you for the feedback, new visitors; and to the regular visitors, thank you for being patient with me. It really means a lot to me that you resonate with the things I write. It’s not easy putting yourself out there so you make me feel less alone in this big world. But I also want to write meaningful posts so I never drift away from who I am. I still prefer 1 good post to 5 posts with no real meaning.

Secondly, I released an album which sold more copies than I imagined! Some day, I will write about how amazing my music journey has been. Thank you for the wonderful support! I am not a well known person, but somehow, word about my album got around (organic growth for the win!) It’s because of YOU guys. Thank you so much and may God bless you for letting me live my dream.

As some of you know, after I finished my album, I intended to get back into hunting for a job in my field: social sciences. If you’re not familiar with Malawi’s current situation, we are facing very high unemployment rates. It’s very hard to get a job, especially a good job. I was really not excited about going back to CVs, application letters and going through vacancies. But anyway, there was one particular job I desired, that I wrote an aptitude test for some months back. I really wanted this job, not only because it was my dream job since secondary school, but also because it was my dad’s first “adult” job. He really wanted me to fall in love with Economics again through this job.

My friends got a follow-up letter, inviting them for interviews, but I didn’t receive it. I checked with the post office almost everyday. I told myself I wasn’t picked, but something inside me told me it couldn’t be. Anyway, our government decided that sending letters via our archaic post office is better than other fast, effective means such as emails or phone calls. I got the letter inviting me to the interviews 3 weeks later. There was nothing I could do about it. It has taken me a while, but I have finally come to terms with it. There’s a very good reason God shut that door. I know greater is coming.

I also had an interview with a Non-profit that I thought went very well. I later got an email telling me their biggest concern is that I follow the message of William Branham. Obviously, I didn’t get the job, but it was an interesting experience for me. I never thought my beliefs would stand in my way of getting a job. Again, I praised God for shutting that door. One thing I know, God will always take care of His own. There’s no way you can stand for His Word and be forsaken. This is my comfort. Greater is coming.

By His grace, I have managed to find some ganyu’s (piece work) that have kept me going. I have worked on interesting research projects and had invaluable experience. I worked as a translator for an amazing lady called Molly, who, ironically, took me to places in Zomba I had never been. We had an awesome time using public transport (and getting stares because azungu don’t usually get on a kabaza (bike taxi)). We finished it all by eating one of my favorite foods: chiwaya (street fries) and chicken. Thankfully, Molly didn’t get sick and we are so doing it again when she comes back to Malawi!

Just before Molly realised the magic of chiwaya


Lastly, since I decided to keep the site running, I have exciting blog posts coming up. Some of them will be guest bloggers, so please be nice :). I’m really excited to read the posts with you because I actually haven’t read them yet.

Again, thank you for being a part of this site. Some of you even sent me messages asking if I’m OK, because I haven’t updated the blog in a while. I’m very OK. I’ve just been caught up and I also ran out of inspiration juice. Here’s a watermelon sliceย ๐Ÿ‰ you deserve it. Cheers to a meaningful life (and post).

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  1. I’m stuck at job denied because of beliefs… Surprised and curious to know why that mattered?? But rightly said, God closed that door for a reason.

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