Introducing my YouTube Channel (which is not really new…)

…because I’ve had it for years but wasn’t really uploading and only got round to it recently.

But anywho, INTRODUCING MY YOUTUBE CHANNEL! YAAAY! *throws confetti in the aiiir*

Soooo, I did mention I have a YouTube channel in a blog post some months back, but it didn’t have much. I have recently uploaded some more videos to it and I’m gonna try to upload videos often.

It has some of my acapella covers like “I Feel Good”:

Some acoustic covers with my brother, McDonald Chitekwe:

Some songs I did (when we were having practice sessions for the Chikondi album) with Enoch Mlenga, the guitatist:

Some special songs I sung in church with my good friend, Chisomo Kumala:

My favourite – songs I sung with my Sunday School class:

I am super proud of these kids! They are such fast learners and they just love singing. It’s an honour to be their Sunday School teacher 🙂

AND MANY MORE! (What are you waiting for, go check out my channel already! *insert jingle here*)

Sorry about the quality of some of the videos, I do hope it only gets better from here.

Also, you can like my Facebook page where I post videos first, and my Instagram, also where I post most of my videos first (and other pictures of me but with filters lol)

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My other projects are still up for sale: This is the Promise (2016), Peace of Loving You EP (2018) and my recent album, Chikondi (2019). Hit me up for a copy. I give a discount if you buy all three projects at once :).

Thank you for your continued support.
May you be blessed.

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