Playing Dress-Up: Modest Inspiration by Meda (Guest Post)

Hello! My name is Meda Musafiri, @HowiRockMySkirt on Instagram. I live in Canada but I am of Congolese origin. I am a student and a Health & Policy Administrator Assistant. I love playing the guitar, playing games with my siblings; and reading books based on finances, relationships or leadership. I also love playing dress up games in my closet – that’s where I get my outfit ideas.


I like to keep my dressing as my identity to inspire people around me. I try to look great all the time. By great, I don’t mean “classy”, “extravagant” etc. By that, I mean presentable, beautiful / cute in my eyes. I try to keep that look everywhere but home 😂. However, I dress better for church service, which occurs on Saturday and Sunday and on special events/ work or non-work related. I don’t stress much for work for no reason 😄. I also stress on looking good when I am an invitée!

I buy clothes almost everywhere really. I don’t minimize stores or restrict myself from stepping in expensive stores (though I have a budget); I get good sales sometimes. I go to corner boutiques, big stores downtown, online; I thrift as well, especially for skirts. I really go eveywhere and that’s when I find good pieces for affordable prices. Also, I almost always buy clothes only when on sale.

Lastly, for the sake of time, I play dress up in my closet every once in a while. I match up outfits then take pictures and save on my phone. On Sunday or Saturday morning or when in need for a good outfit for an event, I simply go on my phone and pick an outfit. Everyone should try this. It saves time and the process really allows you to explore ideas.

By matching this and that and this and that, you learn a lot… You also get to know what style works for you, your body type, etc. I do the same when I have a new piece in my closet; for example a skirt. Before I put it away on a hanger, I make sure to find 1 or 2 outfits to go with it, take a picture then I can hang it. This makes life very easy. Doing this has helped me figure out what kind of clothes and style works for me.

I am 5’6 – not short, and I am somehow small; the fact that I am small makes me look very tall and for this reason, I don’t look good in everything I put on. When it comes to fashion, weight, skin tone, and height play a big role. You have to master what works and what doesn’t work for you and playing dress up every once in a while has enlightened me on what works for me.


Thank you and have fun playing dress-up!

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