Lessons From a Crying Baby

I have a three year-old niece who I’ve gotten so close to the past few months. She is the cutest, sweetest little darling. We usually sleep in the same room, and she wakes up every morning with a sleepy “good morning” before she goes into the kitchen, asking for some tea.

Said niece.

Today, I was doing some work on my bed when she woke up. She came and sat next to me as she watched me write some notes.  After a while, she called out my name softly.

“Aunty Fai…”
“Yes,” I replied.
“I want to draw a circle.”

Now this was bad timing. I was trying to calculate something and it wasn’t adding up. So I was quite annoyed with myself,  more so,  her request.
“Wait a minute, mamie. I’m doing some work first,” I tried to dismiss her.

She paused for a second. Then she tried again.
“Aunty Fai, I want to draw a circle.”

I thought of something quick. She could actually draw circles with her crayons. Away from me and my busy ‘work station’.
“Get your crayons and draw circles,” I said without even looking up.
My all-so-sweet niece suddenly changed gears. This girl started to cry. Out loud!
“NOOOO! I want to draw circles WITH YOUR PEN!”
“I said not now. Go get your crayons instead,” I tried again.

It was as if I was just adding fuel to a fire. She started to cry real tears. She wanted to draw circles with Aunty Fai’s pen and she wanted just that. Now she had my full attention. I had to give up my pen and notepad.

Minutes later,  as I watched her put ink to my notepad, drawing squiggly circles (that looked nothing like circles lol) I thought to myself, “you know what, this girl is relentless!”

I kind of admire her determination. I started to think to myself, how sometimes I give up so easily when I want something.  Sometimes, I take a burden to the Lord, and when He doesn’t seem to give me an answer as soon as I wanted, I just give up. I’m even ashamed to admit this, but I usually comfort myself by saying “it probably wasn’t the will of God,” and quickly drop it.

But God says we should ASK so that our joys may be full. And as Christians, it’s the only way to get what we want. Crying. Crying like how a baby cries until they get what they want. Crying day and night at your altar, asking God for that breakthrough; His Holy Spirit in your life; the salvation of loved ones; His blessings on your life (which by the way, are a lot! There are so many promises in the bible that are YOURS and all you need is to cry out for them till God answers).

Honestly, it was a great reminder to go back and pray for things I easily gave up on. The past few months have been so difficult with the pandemic interrupting most of my set goals. I know I’m not the only one who started to think that maybe my dreams are farfetched. God forbid! They are not! They are still valid, and will very much come to be.

There is a God who will hear when you cry to Him. He has a whole table full of goodies waiting for you to dive in and eat till your stomach thinks it can’t take no more (there’s still room for dessert, trust me! 😉).

This is your reminder to cry out day and night. To be relentless. To fight for your possessions. To never give up. To stay there till God answers. To cry till He answers.

God recommends this for His children. God recommends this for His believing children. He did. Not intellectual speeches, not some great theology, theology to teach. He wants you to cry for your needs. And that’s right, cry out for it! You’re too stiff and starchy, you’ll never get it. If you are ready to limber yourself up a little, and cry, God will give it to you. He likes to hear His children cry. Cry your needs to God! God wants it. That’s His provided way. Cry out for it! That’s the way the baby cries; that’s the way He wants you to cry.

“Cry how long?”

How long does a baby cry? Until he gets satisfied. And that’s the way the believing Christian should do, God’s child. If you see that God made the promise, don’t give it up, cry till it’s answered. Cry till you see God vindicates His Word. When God vindicates His Word, and proves it’s here, then you don’t have to cry no more; you got it, walk away and thank Him for it. Until you do that, scream out till you get it. I like that, persistent, holding on.” 

Rev. William Marrion Branham. 64-0206E – God’s Provided Way For This Day.

P/S: Whenever she is crying, we ask her why she is crying as if she’s still a baby, she replies, amidst sobs, “No! I’m not a baby! I’m three!” So according to her, she is no longer a baby, okay? Okay.

When she is not demanding to draw circles, she is busy making faces on Snapchat

And giving her aunt warm hugs.

Happy February! 1 month down, 11 more to go! You got this! X

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