How are you, really? (Guest Post)

Hi, I’m Rachel. Welcome to my spontaneous talk (read) session.

First of all, how are you? How are you doing and how are things going? Pretend there is a poll and you had the option of choosing either “great” or “hanging in there.” If you’re doing great, I hope you continue doing great and if you’re hanging in there, I am too! But… today is way better than the past few weeks so I’m in a lighter mood, and that is great. And if you’re able to choose how you’re doing then that’s great too. Don’t forget to speak to God constantly – He really can pull you out of a dark place when you feel numb.

So… random question. When was the last time you gave yourself credit for how far you’ve come? This is definitely something I do not do. I tend to celebrate others but struggle in celebrating myself. I’ve been working on this part of my life for over a year now and I’m seeing some sort of improvement even in the way I that I think and talk to myself. I love it. But seriously, when was the last time you gave yourself credit? You’re the only person who truly knows how far you’ve come so please take a moment to give yourself a pat in the back and a good affirmation! BECAUSE YOU’RE DOING GREAT!!!

When last did you go on a solo date? Something for you by you. Hmm? When last? Just by planning a day out to do your favourite thing or eat your favourite meal or just try something fun alone? Because whether you like it or not, you’re stuck with yourself for the rest of your life. You deserve nice things and a nice time too! Give it to yourself. Be that person. Be the love of your life. Be the good company you want. Be that for you. Okay— I’m starting to sound like one of those motivational podcasts we sometimes listen to, to try and get our life together haha, sorry not sorry.

Do you affirm yourself? May I tell you one thing about me? I’ll pretend you said yes and just go on. One thing about me is I will hype everything and not just for others but for myself too! You’ll find me in the kitchen, making a meal and saying. “Okaaaaay giiirl, I see you with the chef shenanigans, tickling them taste buds! Love iiiiit!” I know it sounds insane because walking in on me saying that to myself would be so confusing but I really hype myself up with the same energy that I hype someone else with. Just look at yourself in the mirror and tell yourself that you are beautiful/handsome! Have that self-coffee-dance (confidence!) Haha.

Learn to celebrate your small wins just as much as your big wins. Celebrate yourself, your life and how far you’ve come. Treat yourself like a King/Queen. I’ve found that I now treat people a little bit more ever since I embarked on this journey of self-love. There is a scripture in the Bible that says ‘love your neighbour as you love yourself.’ Matthew 22:39. But, how do you love your neighbour when you don’t love yourself? Please give yourself some love. Surely, you can’t expect it from or give it to someone else if you aren’t giving it to you.

Bottom line is, YOU’RE DOING GREAT and you deserve that rest. You deserve that credit. You deserve that applause, win and celebration! You are so worthy of your own love.

Rachel Mwale is a 22 year old Malawian Christian girl who currently resides in Gaborone, Botswana. She’s also a student and upcoming entrepreneur who is working on achieving her many dreams. One of those dreams is to write and reach out to people through her words.


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