The Elegance of Modesty (Guest Post)

You have probably read or followed many writers that give tips on how to be elegant as a lady or something along those lines. Most of these state very good points that I myself follow. Something, though, that isn’t emphasised enough, is how modesty exudes elegance.

Modesty, as I understand, is a revelation. Broad as we may interpret it, I’ll focus on modest dressing in its simplicity and how that effortlessly influences the way one carries themselves.

My name is Lesley, and I am a “skirt” girl. Now when I say skirt, I mean, free, below the knee and zero chest exposure. This description may sound extreme but I believe such is elegance…. A mystery or a gift so precious it has to be wrapped.

When you understand the importance of closing up, you will learn to carry yourself likewise. Listen, closing up is not equated to boring, no! Modesty is not boring at all. Instead, it’s a craft that needs us to stay busy. You have to own it, and that is where the elegance is born.

Elegance is said to be in simplicity. At the same time, simplicity does not mean no effort. I can almost guarantee you that you feel overwhelmed and leaning more to the mindset that wearing skirts is a church rule when you do not put a bit of effort. When you put more effort in what you wear, you’ll mind where you sit, how you sit and which places to avoid because “you can’t sit there looking like this.”

Many times we deprive ourselves of nice fits, simply because we are scared of getting out of our comfort zones. There’s absolutely nothing wrong with wanting to stay in your safe place. All I am expressing is, as a Christian, give the next person a nudge, make them eager to know why you’re a skirt girl, how come you do it so nicely, and why can’t they have the same confidence to rock it like you do…. Testify.

Try new things, see what you like and what works for you. All these are bits towards elegance. Nothing screams class like knowing what works for you. Do not limit yourself, get out your comfort zone a little and discover other unknown comforts. Remember to keep it within the realms of modesty!

The bible put together modest wear and sober minded (composed) in one verse. Coincidence? I think not. There is a level of composure (elegance) that is raised when one is well covered. You carry yourself with grace, and you have good enough confidence because subconsciously, you know you’re doing something right!

Stay blessed, dress interestingly well, and the elegance will just flow!

-Lesley x

Lesley is a 28-year-old Message Believer residing in Free State, South Africa originally from Zimbabwe. Besides being engulfed in the corporate world, she finds joy in the bare minimum, as little as talking pictures.You can follow her on Instagram @l.e.s.l.e.y_m

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