The Elegance of Modesty (Guest Post)

You have probably read or followed many writers that give tips on how to be elegant as a lady or something along those lines. Most of these state very good points that I myself follow. Something, though, that isn’t emphasised enough, is how modesty exudes elegance. Modesty, as I understand, is a revelation. Broad as […]

30 Notes on Turning 30

Heeey lovely people! Can you believe your girl just turned up on the THIRD FLOOR?! Guys, my heart is bursting with gratitude! Weirdly, turning 30 doesn’t bring me down like previous birthdays did; in fact, I’m feeling awesome! I have no birthday blues; no wallowing in deep pits of disappointment or regret (praise the Good […]

The Untold Depths of Aunty

Hi reader! A quick note before you read this story: I initially wrote this story in 2018, but never thought it was good enough to publish. I remembered it when I got back in touch with Aunty few weeks ago. I would like to give a special thanks to Rachel Mwale, who edited it and […]

2022: Yearly Round-Up

First things first: Happy New Year!!! Look at you, you made it through to tell the tale! And what a year 2022 was! For me, the highs were very euphoric, and the lows were the absolute worst. From January 2022, I wished the year would just end already. I had a very painful start to the year. […]

Acknowledge Your Privilege

Privilege – the unearned advantage that some groups experience over others. When I was at Chancellor College, one day, I was approached by a boy and girl outside of Room A who told me they saw me talking in the library (the Chikanda side, where kulongolola was very much welcome) and thought I would be […]

2021: Yearly Round-up

So here I am, just a few hours before we say goodbye to 2021 for good, and I am writing this round-up like the procrastinator I am. Sigh. I almost didn’t write this round-up, but I saw that I have some time, and here we are. In a funny way, that’s how my 2021 has […]

Picture This…

Picture this. You are on your way home.  As you get close to your home, you notice cars parked along the road. A lot of cars.  You see some leaves on the road, and you just know this is a sign of gloom. You slow down. Fear grips you.  You wonder what is going on.  […]

How are you, really? (Guest Post)

Hi, I’m Rachel. Welcome to my spontaneous talk (read) session. First of all, how are you? How are you doing and how are things going? Pretend there is a poll and you had the option of choosing either “great” or “hanging in there.” If you’re doing great, I hope you continue doing great and if […]

5 Things You Can Do in the Wait

Some few weeks ago, in the AM hours, I was up and struggling to find sleep. What better way to spend my time than to go on social media to do… well, I don’t know, check updates? I was only going to be a few minutes, but I ended up going through a lot of […]

Lessons From a Crying Baby

I have a three year-old niece who I’ve gotten so close to the past few months. She is the cutest, sweetest little darling. We usually sleep in the same room, and she wakes up every morning with a sleepy “good morning” before she goes into the kitchen, asking for some tea. Today, I was doing […]