Love Thyself

I was making supper this evening and I had a lot to do at once; clean the dishes, cook rice, get the kitchen in order, make salad, et cetera. My cousin is here for a while and she was giving me a hand. I was making a pasta salad and I poured half of the […]

Africa you don’t see on media

I was on twitter the other day, and came across a tweet that said, “Africa you don’t see on media” and to it was attached a picture of a beautiful resort/hotel with a gorgeous pool and a city in the far distant. Such a paradise. It was breathtaking! And I was about to started going […]

5 lists of 10’s

So I am still very much in love with lists 😛 and I decided to make some more. Worst feelings: Being ignored Realizing you hurt someone you love Getting a crappy grade on a paper you worked hard on Being told off Hearing a nasty rumour about yourself Hearing a nasty rumour about someone you […]

How I Quit Secular Music

I have wanted to write about this for a whiiile but I kind of lacked the extra push, but something came over me today and I feel that I should talk about one of the things I managed to overcome in my Christian life. Secular music. How did I even begin to listen to secular […]

Chilema Tree

Yesterday, my big sister Honest and I drove to this small trading centre called Malosa to see a dentist and we remembered that when we were young, my dad took us to a certain place called Chilema up Malosa Mountain. At first we thought it was far and we were worried about the fuel (the […]

I love lists.

I see so many “Life hack” “tips and tricks” accounts these days. Here are a few personal tips from my few years on planet Earth. Never cheapen out on toothbrushes. Don’t believe that all toothbrushes are the same. Listen to music as you get ready for your day. Buy white items. They force you to […]

My thoughts as I walked from my room to class

I knew I shouldn’t have worn this jacket. It’s getting hot and I look ridiculous. I should have worn that dress instead. Why does that guy keep pulling his pants up? I bet it’s cause male belts are expensive… Wait, are they? Maybe. Girls’ accessories are cheap, so they say. Thank YOU, kaunjika! WHY DO […]

My Favorite Quote

Helloooo! It has been a minute! I blame my procrastination and busy schedule on this part of the semester for that. I always intended to write but something always came up. Anyway, I could come up with a gazillion excuses, so let me just get right into it. My mid semester break was AMAZINGGGGGG!!!! As […]

Letting Go

I’ve had some time to reflect on the crappy week that I was having, and to settle myself after the bad grade I got on my assignment which caused me to relate it to every wrong thing in my life. I got the courage to ask my lecturer about the assignment, and even though he […]

Hitting the big two-one!

It’s been a while since I wrote an entry. Mostly because I have become a busy girl these past few months years and let me also blame the tumblr app on my phone that is too slow and frustrating! But I had an urge to write something because in two days I’ll be turning 21 […]