Introducing my YouTube Channel (which is not really new…)

…because I’ve had it for years but wasn’t really uploading and only got round to it recently. But anywho, INTRODUCING MY YOUTUBE CHANNEL! YAAAY! *throws confetti in the aiiir* Soooo, I did mention I have a YouTube channel in a blog post some months back, but it didn’t have much. I have recently uploaded some […]

Journey to “Chikondi” Album

When I was still in college, my plan was to graduate, find a job in the Social Sciences and climb my way up that corporate ladder. It was all set out. In few years, I would be out of my parents’ house, living on my own somewhere, buying my own furniture and basically being the […]

Chikondi lyrics (with English translation)

CHIKONDI LYRICS Verse 1 Mukandiwona ine ndilinkulakwitsa (If you see me in error) Mundikonze mwa chikondi (Correct me with love) Kusiyana ndikuti mukawuze wina (Instead of going to tell someone else) Mundiphela chikoka changa (You will kill my influence) Tikamuwona mbale, mlongo, alinkulakwitsa (If we see a brother, sister, in error) Timukonze mwa chikondi (Let’s […]

Journey to the Peace of Loving You EP

The journey to the production of this EP started a really long time back. 2016 to be precise. After I recorded my debut album, I didn’t want to record music anymore. Why? Because I felt that the reason why I was recording was done and dusted, which was to record the special songs I had […]

Singing in a Foreign Language

Growing up, my parents sent my siblings and I to a private school which was very strict with English and taught us using the British curriculum. When we get in through the gates, we weren’t supposed to speak any vernacular language. I grew up looking down on my mother tongue for most part of my […]

How I Quit Secular Music

I have wanted to write about this for a whiiile but I kind of lacked the extra push, but something came over me today and I feel that I should talk about one of the things I managed to overcome in my Christian life. Secular music. How did I even begin to listen to secular […]