The Untold Depths of Aunty

Hi reader! A quick note before you read this story: I initially wrote this story in 2018, but never thought it was good enough to publish. I remembered it when I got back in touch with Aunty few weeks ago. I would like to give a special thanks to Rachel Mwale, who edited it and […]

The Bathroom Floor

I wrote this piece some weeks back and debated whether I should post it or not but I’ve been told to talk about these kind of experiences more, because that will somehow disempower some fears we have, such as death and dying. This is me at my most vulnerable, trying time. I know a lot […]

Catcalling is NOT a compliment

When I was still a student at Chancellor College, my hostel then was in Chikanda. Behind our hostel was a shop where guys (mostly Chancellor College students) usually met to socialize; sometimes smoke and drink cheap booze. When the guys sat there, I was terrified of going anywhere near the shop. They would stare. I […]

Let Me Feel

It’s been very hot the last couple of days. It was so hot that I even started to forget that it may rain. In the morning, I had a list of groceries to buy. Mum asked me to pass by the maize mill and collect some bags of gaga. “Aunt” (the maid) put it out […]


When I was young, about 7 or 8, there about, my brother and I followed my cousin Richard to wherever he was going (I don’t even remember) because I wanted to walk somewhere. We were walking down the Zomba Mental Hospital road, and I happened to cross the road, and a bicycle ran into me. […]

Some Questions I Can’t Answer

Allow me to talk to you as my friends and get personal. Recently, I wrote about what it’s been like to be “that girl that gets sick a lot” and how it has affected the way I look at life in general. I wrote about how this year alone, I’ve been admitted in several hospitals […]

How to be Unhappy in 5 Easy Steps:

1. Compare your life with your neighbor’s, your friends, classmates and right about anyone you meet. They have a new car? Quick! You must get one better than that! If you can’t, be sure to whine about how your life sucks and how “good things don’t happen to good people”. 2. Surround yourself with people […]

Life After University

Ever since I successfully managed to endure four years of university torture, I’ve had the very same question flung my way… “Nde ukutanino?” Honestly, this question annoys me. For so many reasons. I don’t mean the people who ask me are annoying per se, but the question annoys me because of personal reasons. I know […]

Come Sit Next To Me

Come sit next to me and we can talk about anything other than love. You can tell me why you wish your father was another man or what you imagine heaven to be like. I can tell you about my childhood bruises along with how the perfume I sprayed on my wrist yesterday is still stuck there. You can sing out of tune. I will dance recklessly and step on your toes. It’s okay to spell forever backwards because it means nothing to us. Come sit next to me and forget about the people that have broken your heart and the shadows inside our chest for a little while. – Faith T

Spilled Coffee and Sunsets

I grab a chitenje quick as I rush to the kitchen. “Tell dad to wait for me. I’m going with them!” I shout out to my little sister, who is outside. I grab the cup of coffee I made earlier and a piece of buttered bread. I run outside towards the moving car. “Wait for […]