Your Mental Health Matters Too (Guest Post)

Each time I’ve thought of sharing about this I’ve stopped myself. I’ve thought, “there are real problems out there than just having low self-esteem. Anthu akuvutika kunjaku”. I find that telling someone they shouldn’t be upset about something because there are other bigger things to be upset about, is a bit like telling someone not […]

Getting Unstuck

Some days ago, I received news that crashed me. It was something I had worked hard towards, something I believed with all my heart, and it all ended in one rejection letter. It was painful. Imagine my horror when I decided to share this bad news to a friend, and they kicked me whilst I […]

Love Thyself

I was making supper this evening and I had a lot to do at once; clean the dishes, cook rice, get the kitchen in order, make salad, et cetera. My cousin is here for a while and she was giving me a hand. I was making a pasta salad and I poured half of the […]