Acknowledge Your Privilege

Privilege – the unearned advantage that some groups experience over others. When I was at Chancellor College, one day, I was approached by a boy and girl outside of Room A who told me they saw me talking in the library (the Chikanda side, where kulongolola was very much welcome) and thought I would be […]

Letter to my future daughter.

5 March, 2015 It is kind of a funny story, but do you know that I named you when I was in my first year of college? When I pronounced your name, I knew it was right… I love you, and you are my happiness. You were worth the wait. Daughter, always remember that life […]

Africa you don’t see on media

I was on twitter the other day, and came across a tweet that said, “Africa you don’t see on media” and to it was attached a picture of a beautiful resort/hotel with a gorgeous pool and a city in the far distant. Such a paradise. It was breathtaking! And I was about to started going […]

Chilema Tree

Yesterday, my big sister Honest and I drove to this small trading centre called Malosa to see a dentist and we remembered that when we were young, my dad took us to a certain place called Chilema up Malosa Mountain. At first we thought it was far and we were worried about the fuel (the […]