30 Notes on Turning 30

Heeey lovely people! Can you believe your girl just turned up on the THIRD FLOOR?! Guys, my heart is bursting with gratitude! Weirdly, turning 30 doesn’t bring me down like previous birthdays did; in fact, I’m feeling awesome! I have no birthday blues; no wallowing in deep pits of disappointment or regret (praise the Good […]

The Wrong Route

Last week, I was by my friend’s home in Blantyre, and I had to return home on a Wednesday morning. Dad was also in Blantyre and he said he would come by and pick me up early in the morning. So I got ready and waited for him to pick me up. Within minutes, we […]

23 Things I learnt before I turned 23

1. Life may not go as you planned. You may still be in college at 23 and not be an independent lady, adulting and winning at life, and that is okay. Pace yourself.2. You are going to make mistakes; lots of them. Don’t be afraid to tell your Heavenly Father that you have messed up […]

He Chose Me

My love, I am too ashamed to stand before you today. I am yet again reminded of how far I am from perfect. I look at you and wonder what you see in me. I wonder if you have really made the right choice, to choose me, when there are women better than me; smarter, […]

Happiness IS temporal

I’ve always wondered why when I am so happy, it doesn’t take long till something gets me down. Sometimes the low that came with that high was one of the worst I’d ever experience and it would affect almost all aspects of my life. I’m sure I’m not the only one who’s ever experienced this… […]

Letter to my future daughter.

5 March, 2015 It is kind of a funny story, but do you know that I named you when I was in my first year of college? When I pronounced your name, I knew it was right… I love you, and you are my happiness. You were worth the wait. Daughter, always remember that life […]