I’ll make this as brief as I can, hoping it doesn’t sound preachy. This is all drawn from my own experience, and I thought it might help some Christian out there. OK, here goes: I was born and raised in the Message of the Hour. I have ever talked about how the devil convinced me […]

The Shortest Verse in the Bible

My Sunday afternoons are usually reserved for naps. There’s something about Sunday afternoons that just demands being indoors, in your comfort zone. Unfortunately, I couldn’t seem to sleep today. To make it worse, my sister was in the room and it’s not easy to shut up when we have a thousand stories to share with […]

Digging Out My One Talent

If anyone asked me what my new year’s resolutions are this past week, my answer was probably, “I don’t do resolutions.” I haven’t done New Year’s resolutions for the past 5 years or so, because honestly, who am I kiddin? I don’t get to tick a single thing off those lists and even though I […]

My Favorite Quote

Helloooo! It has been a minute! I blame my procrastination and busy schedule on this part of the semester for that. I always intended to write but something always came up. Anyway, I could come up with a gazillion excuses, so let me just get right into it. My mid semester break was AMAZINGGGGGG!!!! As […]